Here follows a handy list of direct links to all the games, in order. Or you can grab the whole lot in a zip file here.

  1. Strictly Come Dancing – The Game by Colin Woodcock
  2. Geff Capes’ Number Crunch by Dave Hughes
  3. Mummy, Where’s My Bra? (alternative .tap file) by sunteam
  4. Boil an Egg (alternative .tap file) by sunteam
  5. R-Type for the Blind (alternative .tap file) by sunteam
  6. Advanced ZX81 Simulator by Simon Ferré
  7. The Amazing Thinking Brain (alternative .tap file) by sunteam
  8. Where’s Wally?  by Simon Ferré
  9. REMventure (alternative .tap file) by sunteam
  10. Marginal Pain by Dave Hughes
  11. Eye Gambler by Andrew Green
  12. Watching Paint Dry by David Pagett
  13. The Amazing Thinking Brain 2 (alternative .tap file) by sunteam
  14. Return Ink To Move Cat In To A Bin by MatGubbins
  15. Advanced Fiesta Simulator 3D (ZX81 only – zip file containing .p and .tzx file) by GReW
  16. Verify The Pie Or Not! by Dave Hughes
  17. Tongue-Tied in the Dungeon by Simon Ferré
  18. Australian Typing Tutor by Simon Ferré
  20. Line Overdrive by catmeows
  21. The WoS Forum Experience by sunteam
  22. Rosco The Cat 2: Egyptian Hi-Jinx by Jamie Bradbury
  23. Advanced Screechy Seagull Torturing Simulator by Guesser
  24. Clint And Da Crabs by MatGubbins
  25. Piss in a Pint by MatGubbins
  26. And It Continued To Rain by MatGubbins
  27. Clint And Foreskin by MatGubbins
  28. Lentils for Satan by MatGubbins
  29. Achievements by Chris Young
  30. Stephen Hawking’s Advanced Wheelchair Flight Simulator by sunteam
  31. Crap Idea Generator by Simon Ferré
  32. Gardener of Doom by Dave Hughes
  33. Grand Prix 2015 by Myke-P
  34. Honey I Shrank The Screen by Simon Ferré
  35. Lazy Clint by MatGubbins
  36. Farage’s European Invasion by Chris Young
  37. Point At A Pirate by MatGubbins
  38. Optical Illusions by Simon Ferré
  39. BEEP by deKay
  40. Flickin Clint – Snot On My Cat by MatGubbins
  41. Next Cat Up Or Down by MatGubbins
  42. Put The Cat Out by MatGubbins
  43. Plot To Go To And Run Over The Cat by Simon Ferré
  44. Jeremy Clarkson’s Punch A Top Gear Producer Simulator by Andrew Green
  45. Bloodlust by Chris Young
  46. Prints Lined Paper by MatGubbins
  47. Paint The Line Red by MatGubbins
  48. Come Come Mrs Pickford, Its Only A Vegetable by unclechicken
  49. Guess My Wait by Bob Harris
  50. Fracas by Chris Young
  51. BEEF by unclechicken
  52. BEEF II by unclechicken
  53. Total Clint by MatGubbins
  54. Wizzard by unclechicken
  55. Eurovision 2015 by Chris Young
  56. Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Shelf Challenge by Myke-P
  57. European Flag Quiz by Chris Young
  58. 1D 1D Tetris by Chris Young
  59. Maria Whittaker Strip Snap by Andrew Green
  60. Papel, Pedra, Tesoura (Rock, Paper, Scissors) by Antonio Silva
  61. Alan Turing’s Octal Challenge (ZX81) by GReW
  62. Driver by Dave Hughes
  63. Sol Postman – Inter-Planetery Courier by Chris Young
  64. Advanced Toaster Simulator (ZX81) by absinthe_boy
  65. Stickman Olympic Challenge – 100 Seconds Hurdle (alternative “up to 100 Seconds Hurdle” version) by Gabriele Amore
  66. The Trunk by Alessandro Grussu
  67. Sex on 1st Date by Gabriele Amore
  68. Advanced Anne Frank Simulator by unclechicken
  69. Fly Catcher by PROSM
  70. The Training of the Warrior by Gabriele Amore
  71. World of Global Interational SwingBall by GReW
  72. Arcade Attacks! by Insert Coin
  73. Blobby, Mr. by Simon Ferré
  74. Kamikaze Karaoke Shootout (plus Xmas Trak Pak) by Myke-P
  75. European Sandwich Hunt by Chris Young
  76. Archer Macleans Poo by Andrew Green
  77. Russian Roulecode (ZX81) by PROSM
  78. Protect and Survive: Threads: The Computer Game by GReW
  79. The Ultimate Games Designer for the ZX Spectrum by Andrew Green
  80. The Easter Bunny has to water the garden with a bad cough by firstly figuring out the controls (ZX81) by Myke-P
  81. Advanced Bridge Building Simulator by ben soundhog

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