CSSCGC Remake Challenge

I’ll try to make this quick, before MatGubbins produces any more Keyword Challenge games (Too late – I just heard another one plopping through the chute! Ed.)

The Crap Games Competition has been going since 1996, and by my reckoning there’s been over a thousand entries so far. However, while some of them are undeniably crap, quite a few would benefit from a remake of some sort, either to make them even more crap, or just to update them for the new(ish) millennium.

This is the sort of crap that passed muster in 1997.

You’ll receive extra bonus points for remaking a game by one of the Sqij team – particularly Chris Young, who was so prolific at one point he actually started to fart Speccy games in his sleep. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started, pick a game, remake it in your own style (or just change bits of it to make it even more crap, I’m sure nobody will mind) and send it in! Just make sure you credit the original author, assuming you can work out who it is.

Chris Young posing in front of one of his Aston Martins, 1998

Oh, and remakes of games entered into this year’s competition are permitted too – I was only saying the other day that it’s about time we had an update of R-Type for the Blind for summer 2015!

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