Paint The Line Red

Paint the Line Red” is (we at Sqij Towers are really hoping!) the last entry into the 10 character competition.  I’m actually quite impressed by the title as I couldn’t work out how MatGubbins actually did it (‘the’ and ‘red’ are written out in full leaving only 4 chars left).

So after the brief diversion of MatGubbins last entry, we return to the tried and tested Gubbins game style and quality.  Lovely artwork on the opening title screen as per usual but nothing particularly new.

Paint The Line Red - Opening Title

Title Screen

Two keys – I can manage that (just) – for Left and Right controls.  At this point, I had in mind one of those games where you had to walk around the rectangles and paint the squares but two keys is two too few.

Instead, we’ve got ourselves a ‘Horace Goes Skiing‘ type affair…

Paint The Line Red - Start of Game

Ooh, Chunk-O-Crowd™?

This game is pretty playable although keyboard responsiveness is a bit poor on account that this is a game written in BASIC, requires full screen scrolling, a delay between the scroll and redrawing of your red line and the use of a sadly lacking INKEY$ in the middle of it all.  Pretty hard stuff when you come to those tricky spots where holes appear in the course – they can be pretty tricky to navigate.  At every 50 steps a chequered line is passed which helps towards your sense of achievement, however no bonus appears to be given for passing one. Still, I did manage to score 115 and for once the high score is shown and retained on the title screen.

Paint The Line Red - End of Game

Darn those non-bright attribute squares!

Personally, I think this game is a more polished version of Bobsleigh from The Spectrum Book of Games although I wouldn’t have fancied typing in all of that Chunk-O-Crowd stuff from a book.  That would’ve have been a bloody nightmare!

Score: 80% (would’ve given 82.5% if it was a BLUE line!)

Download: Paint The Line Red.tap


  1. I’m guessing he used IN for the Program: title, though I can never remember which keywords have automatic spaces around them and which don’t.

    1. Actually I think he would have used INT with P and A prefixed, but yes, it is the automatic spaces that threw me.

    2. Wait, I’ve checked and it’s actually INT. Very clever!

  2. I have about 60 more ’10 character titles’ that don’t involve Clint and/or Cats. Many of the titles are on the BORDER of bad taste though. It’s also a matter of time and trying to write a crappy game to go with the title.

    Still waiting for someone to write and release LEN AND VAL titles.

    There are some more games in production…..

    Thanks for the review Bloodbaz!

    1. My pleasure Mat 🙂
      My wife’s name is Val, but unfortunately, mine isn’t Len!

      1. here ya go…
        will fit in 10 characters….

    2. I was going to do “LEN AND VAL MOVE IN”, something with a range of domestic chores and a hen-pecking wife, but I’m actually sick of these keywords titles already. Haha. Steal the idea if you want.

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