The Thinking Brain 2

  The amazing thinking brian 2 by sunteam is a game a bit like the first game called the amazing thinking brian by sunteam except without the graficks. aparently due 2 budgie cutbacks the images wot were on the first game arent aloud on this game. something to do with lisencing or something.the artwork this time is drawn by a 11-year-old boy called billy. I i know who billy is, he goe’s to my skool. He’s good at drawing becase hes in year 6 which is like the highest year you can go in skool so he knoe’s a lot of stuff about stuff. but he’s not as good as drawing as the person what drawed the other drawings in the the amazing thinking brian 1 . I think all the text was wrote by billys’ five years old little brother, he goes to my skool too.Or may be it was a drunk person who writ everything. here ThinkBrain is a screen shot. The game is a bit hard becase you have to remember where stuff like the * key and the = key and the ! key is, which is hard when your not playing on a reel spectrum. So you have to consentrait      really hard!!!!! its even harder than that floppy birds game on ipads!


So what it is is, it is a game about advanced computer Artificail Intelligence AI, a bit like that film with the robot boy in it directed by steven seagal and he want’s to be a reel boy but gets dumped in a forest by his mum and then meets a hologram of robbie williams and goes underwater for 200000 years with his teddy bear and gets found by alien’s. Anyway, what happens in the game is, is theres this sientist, and this is wot he look’s like ThinkBrain3, and he lives in this lavarotary. And theres a flashing border and something about new-rons and then there’s a picture of ARNOLD SCHWARTZENGER who was in this film called THE TERMINATOR in the 1890s and here he is, ThinkBrain4 its quite a good drawing billy drawed here i think, and hes got red eyes like jeoff cape’s in that other spectrum game and hes smoking a siggeret like people did in the 1880s. the only think i didn’t like about this game was when it asked me to press the % button on my spectrum and i couldnt find it becuase i was typing it on a emulater. so i had to brake into the game at that point. and then at the end it says that the thinking amazing brain can emulate a 13 or 14 year old, so its an emulator emulating a game about emulating, on an emulator!!!!! and the funny thing is its exactly like whot my big brother whose 14 says, because it doesnt matter what you say to him, he always says “whatever” back. ThinkBrain6so its a very acurrate reprenestation of a teenagers’ brian and for that reason i give it 10 out of 10 percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by little willy (aged 6 and a 1/2).

Download The original disk file here or theres also a tap file here as well. oh and heres and update, if you have to use the disk file it only works on an amstrad +3 and you need to type load “katakis.c64” to load but if you can’t spell it if you just type “cat” it will show you what the name of the filename is or you could use the tap file instead.